Saturday, May 7, 2011

Queer Artist Centerfold: Leopold Nunan

Name: Leopold Nunan

Stage Name: Leopold Nunan

Contact info: just google me already!

Birthplace: Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil.

Zodiac sign: half human, half horse.

Your medium/genre:
performance art. Music. Stage shows. Movement, voice and expression. oh… yeah… almost forgetting… getting naked in public.

Describe what you do:
I sing, dance, act. I direct, create and choreograph all my work. Also produce it. I am a live performer, a firecracker, a wild Carnaval, a riot! My bank account number is BofA 03479346934 I just saw this great Channel bag I really need.

Turn on’s:
I get really horny when I see my man working in his 72 yellow Pantera.

Turn off’s: donaldtrumpmayonnaisehitlercheapshoesladygagaofftunesingersthepopeanitabryantabbadirtydicksloppycatwalk.

Describe your perfect date:
dinner + drinks and a good funky dance floor always works for me.

Fave sex idol:
Cantinflas, Erik Estrada, Freddy Mercury, G.I. Joe and Clint Eastwood.

1ST crush:
I was 8. He was 14. He was the son of the mechanic who used to take care of my fathers 64 Chevette. We used to play while our dads were entertained with the troubled car. That's when I saw for the first time, a man jerking off and ejaculating. I fell in love instantly!

Fave music:
Gal Costa, Ethel Merman, La India, Anthony Hagerty, Caetano Veloso, Grace Jones, Elza Soares, Madredeus, Kraftwerk, Carmem Miranda, Wendy O' Williams, Piaf, Elis Regina, Chaka Khan, Ed Motta, Vivaldi, Patti Labelle, Roisin Murphy, Lenine, Chad Baker, Djavan, Liza Minelli, Hermeto Pascoal, Beth Ditto, Aretha Franklin, Zap Mama, Eartha Kitt, Bjork, Cesaria Evora, Silvester, Fela and Semi Kuti, Sly, George Benson, Kerry Chandler… anything soulful I dig in!

Top movies that inspire you: E.T.

Fave quote:
What is big and large on the front is big and large on the back - Chinese Unknown

Reading List:
The Gay Kama Sutra, Cookin' with Coolio and the current French Vogue Mag - that's how I practice my horrible french.

One of your obsessions: MY DRAG BAG!!!!!!!!!

My mom. She is really something else. We laugh, cry, fight, talk alike… She is super blond, a short woman with a wild mood. Fabulous! My dad is an amazing being as well. Came in from the Northeast of Brasil alone and poor and became one of the most talented plastic surgeons in history. He did... I mean re-did my nose…

Fave queer Artist(s):
John Kelly, Leigh Bowery, Joey Arias, Lady Bunny, Batman and Robin.

Fave queer from history: Santos Dumont.

Most Pivotal Performance/event/etc:
My last performances always are my favorites. Just showed an hour length theater piece at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, Orixas - The Gods Of Candomble. I embodied 6 entities from the afro-brazilian religious. It was a very challenging experience to me. I created, produced, directed, choreographed and starred. It really took my work into another level.

Fave performance experience:
Honestly it's really hard for me to answer this question. I have unforgettable moments recorded in my mind. Just can't pick one. It's always a blast! If you are near enough you can see goose bumps in my skin every time I perform… I really enjoyed performing at the massively big Rio de Janeiro's Gay Pride. I sang for 150.000 back in 2003. It was an ocean of people. Fabulous rush!

Most frightening performance experience:
I was set to perform in a club in Rio called Dama de Ferro - The Iron Lady. It`s a small club in Ipanema but was known for bringing international legends to spin there. Dj Lina - NYC was spinning that day I was performing for the first DRRRAMA! ever created back in 2001. I decided to perform on top of the bar that was made of metal. I was wearing a beige thong and I was painted white. The bar was completely wet when I started my show. I fell twice (like big time), got multiple electric shocks from the mic. Tried to hold on to the ceiling, but the ceiling was made out of barbed wire. Fell again and again. Then grabbed onto exposed wires on the ceiling and ended up bringing all TVs monitors and video cassettes to the floor. Didn`t stop… I went crazier and crazier, received more electric shocks, then after 6 min of performance the whole place went total black. I think I blew a fuse or something...

Education: Journalist (FACHA - Brasil) Cinema (LACC)

What do you (does your art) stand for:
I want to put in reality my idea - the concept as faithful as I envision at first place. I try the best not to censure, limit and tame my art. So... freedom of expression!

Fave prop or costume:
It was this black iridescent feather mohawk head piece designer Hamlet Adonis made it for me. Got stolen from a backstage. If I ever see this bitch wearing my head piece she will see what brazilian guetto really is.

Thoughts on the LA queer art scene:
I want to see more venues, spaces, avenues, platforms that supports queer and all artists in general. I want to see more live performance art. I love living here, so I will always be doing, showing, performing something, somewhere.

Future of Queer Art: More erections.

What are your upcoming events:
You can see LEOPOLD going wild at:
MAY 14 - Benefit Show for Rise Up and Shine. It will be a review of local queer artist in LA. I will be performing Leopold and the Bang! Bang! Bang! my new gender bending dance rock band.
SMUTOPIA - Highways Performance Space 22nd Birthday Party. It will be an amazing weekend! 30+ artists and I will be bringing Leopold and The Bang! Bang! Bang! once again to pump up the crowd. MAY 20 + 21 at 8:30
Same day MAY 20th I am performing at For Those Who know, a house music party in downtown @E. 3rd St Lounge - Will go on around midnight! Solo afro-brazilian performance.
Starting Sunday MAY 22nd I am opening a new residence called VIVA IT'S SUNDAYS! @The Standard Hotel on Sunset. It's a chilled, gastronomic/pool side/bingo/bossa-nova, electronic-samba summer event. With lots of good quality music, lounge vibe, a place to get your bronze on and enjoy Caipirinhas. I will be commanding the Bingo as well as singing.
Bar Lubitsch - Will be performing at Countre Black`s residence MAY 29. Will be doing a guitar-voice Rio funk style.


  1. Wild! I love the power and intensity that jolts out of your profile! You are a sensation.

  2. wooooooooooooooooo yeah! love LEO-POLD!