Monday, June 18, 2012

Praise for The Gay Hist-Orgy!

But you don't have to take my word for it!
Here are some audience responses from e-mails and Facebook posts about "The Gay Hist-Orgy":

"Ian MacKinnon's Gay History Romp offered a profoundly moving celebration of gay-centered history (China; Medieval Persia; Ancient Greece; Renaissance Italy; Victorian Prussia) to show that homosexual love is eternal and beautiful and he did it while never loosing his hot eros, but maximizing it. Marriage of sensation and thinking -- brilliant, and good for the planet."
Douglas Sadownick

"Your work is astounding. You are carrying on a tradition of being queer and gifted onstage with great intelligence and stupendous theatricality. How you mesh history with frivolity is simply stunning. I hung on every word and leg kick. I am still drenched in the wonder of it. Dazzling. Angry. Sweet. Revolutionary."
Michael Kearns

"Another chime-in here: absolutely direct, totally subtle, the writing, performing at equal immense wattage: the complete skill-set, in play, funny as hell, fresh, and one surprise after another, energy to burn and total relaxation... the list goes on, and thanks to you Ian, so does the beat..."
Philip Littell

"Ian! What an amazing night! Your queer art and heart were so amazing in your performance last night! Bravo"
Tim Miller

"Please check out Ian MacKinnon's ferociously sexy solo performance where he takes you around the world recovering gay historical narratives onto the likes of Herman Melville, Abraham Lincoln, and a slew of others. He's a queer performance peer of mine that I respect immensely!"
Raquel GutiƩrrez

"Please do yourself a favor and go see Ian MacKinnon's Gay Hist-Orgy! It is a brilliant, side splitting and completely hot! Ian MacKinnon spins our queer history in a way that is titillating, inspiring and easily palpable. While I found myself saddened and angered by the erasure of our queer history Ian's piece made me so grateful to have access to beautiful art that celebrates & really investigates the queerly complex stories of our queer brothers and sisters throughout history."
Ofelia Del Corazon

"The Hist-orgy last night was sheer genius. It was joyous, wacky, perverted, and informative. I love your spirit and am so proud to live in a city that has you leading the way for new queer performance."
Glenn Kessler

"Ian! Your performance tonight was so inspiring! I am very impressed at what you have pulled together. I would love to see this in a bigger venue (e.g. Broadway?). I left there feeling so empowered. I love that you were able to bring your own gay personhood to the performance, while invoking gay spirit and history. Awesome."
 Brian Stachowiak

"Impressive, entertaining, funny, sexy, and important work last night, Ian - thanks for sharing your vision and amazing self with us!"
Corbin Smith

"The sexiest show I've seen all year. Thanks for the journey Ian! ♥"
Travis Wood

"last night was amazing, funny, informative and extremely interesting. Thank you Ian for a wonderful show!"
Annie Parkhurst

"Ian, your performance was brilliant and an amazing, hot and loving honoring of our ancestral gay brothers and spirit. This was the mandatory homo history lesson that I never had--so affirming and also a painful testament to our collective trauma as gay folks. I wish I could have seen this in college. I would have felt much less isolated and crazy (in my love of men, Greek classics and gay porno...). I hope that the show has a long run including at colleges around the country (if not the world). Bravo to you and Wendell and all who conspired to dream this work into reality. Keep going! Anyone who has not seen this performance, see it while you can!!"
Matthew D. Silverstein 

"So glad I made it to your run Ian! The show was fantastic! Original, funny, touching, and educational. You were born to do this:) Thank you for sharing your talent and wisdom!"
Derek Ringold 

"Truly an awesome show Ian...I very happy I got to see it. It is a MUST SEE for allll the homosexual community. U are doing us all a great service.Thanx!
Maria Guerreo

"Earlier I told Robert Patrick that I thought tonight would be interesting, fun, or entertaining. It was all three plus educational on so many levels. Thank you Ian for a wonderful show, Gay Hist-orgy, love it, love it, love it. This is one of the best performences we've seen in a long time. Every homo in Los Angeles should go."
Duane Otis Boyer
"I HIGHLY recommend this show for everyone who's turned on by queer history-- or would like to be!!" 
Steve Dyson

"Ian, I LOVED your show! Sexy, fun AND educational. I would have learned so much more in school if my professors had worn chaps and talked dirty in class - just like you! Congrats! xoxo"
David Trudell

"Your Gay Hist-Orgy 1 and 2 is ruling gay thunder brilliance!! Everyone in the world needs to see it!!"
Jean Spinosa
"Ian, your show is SO GOOD. Seeing it just makes one feel that this is something that NEEDS to exist in the world, and YOU are the one that made that happen and did it SO WELL!! I hope it grows and grows and can be seen world-wide."
Rick Whitmore
"On Saturday night, I went to see my friend Ian MacKinnon's new show, Gay Hist-Orgy, which is a fun romp through queer history from a decidedly sex-positive point of view. I was reminded of my early days of coming out, when I was reading book after book of gay history and fiction -- all of which now live in boxes in San Francisco, untouched for more than a decade. Ian's Gay Hist-Orgy was funny, refreshing, informational and inspirational."
Jim Rudoff 

"Ian MacKinnon's "Gay-Historgy, Parts 1 & 2" should be required attending to keep your gay card...It's funny, informative and soooooooo sexy!"
Chris Williams 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Gay Hist-Orgy! Friday nights in July!

After an amazingly successful 12 week run beginning in February, The Gay Hist-Orgy is back in Los Angeles Friday nights in July!

Dates: July: 6, 13, 20, & 27 at 8:00 PM
Location: Moving Arts Hyperion Station, 1822 Hyperion Avenue, LA, CA 90027
Price: $20 / $15 students

Ian MacKinnon’s Gay Hist-Orgy! Performance artist and activist Ian MacKinnon brings the past to life by tracing the history of gay people in new ways never before seen on stage. With the aid of his magic time-traveling hot pants and sexy Genie guide, Ian cruises a plethora of gay historical figures in his one-man multimedia romp. Along the way he covers thousands of years of homo-history to create a hot and horny evening of laughs and lust, humor and heroism. Featuring hot histo-graphic hookups with Plato, Rumi, Lincoln, Melville, Fredrick the Great, Edward Carpenter, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Karl Ulrichs, Harry Hay, Allen Ginsberg, and more!

The Gay Hist-Orgy revives our hidden history in living color, beginning in the ancient world, and tracing the evolution of gay consciousness up to the present day. Including but also going beyond the already famous icons of gay history, Ian introduces the audience to more obscure, but equally fascinating figures who bravely pioneered gay liberation against the odds. Ian shows how these bold and affirming individuals risked persecution and even death to honor the calling of their hearts, and to create the artistic and philosophical works that inspire us all.

A tour de force of historical research and theatrical flair, The Gay Hist-Orgy draws on primary source material from many epochs, including love letters, philosophical treatises, spiritual poetry, 19th century novels, political tracts, and early scientific inquiries into the meaning of homosexuality. The show engages current controversies in queer theory while considering fundamental questions of gay meaning: Who are we as a people, and why are we here? In a radical departure from social-constructionist theory, Ian emphasizes our connections to this history through the shared bond of same-sex love. The Gay Hist-Orgy is more than a show; it is an avant-garde historical retelling, depicting not just the lives of important gays but how their love has influenced the progress of art, philosophy, culture, and politics. These pieces draw from the roots of gay liberation to reveal gayness as something unique, radical, and beautiful, with the potential to change the world for the better.