Thursday, May 26, 2011

Queer Artist Centerfold: Dale Guy Madison

Name: Dale Guy Madison

Stage Name: Damn Good Man

Contact info:

Zodiac sign: Aries

Your medium/genre:
Performance Art, Spoken Word

Describe what you do:
Combine mixed media, music, video and pop culture into visual arts performance.
The opening line to my book: DREAMBOY: MY Life as a QVC Host & Other Greatest Hits is:
I am a product of the “golden age” of television. I was conceived on a balmy night in July of 1957, between episodes of Roy Rogers and Wagon Train. Nine months later, Dale Guy Madison was born. Named for Dale Evans, Roy Rogers’ wife, and Guy Madison, one of the guest stars of Wagon Train, my purpose in life seemed destined –- I was to become a performer.

Turn on’s: sexy feet

Turn off’s:bad breath/body odor

Describe your perfect date:
Fun conversation combined with mutual interests. Great wine & cheese with an old movie cuddled naked under a leopard throw.

Pet peeves:
People expecting you to be into the Los Angeles Lakers. Like a basketball, it goes over my head!

Fave sex idols:
Phillip Michael Thomas, Sinbad, Heavy D, James Avery, Billy Dee Williams, Teddy Pendergrass,

1ST crush: Bruce Melvin 4th grade

Fave music:
anything Motown, especially The Supremes or Diana Ross
Top movies that inspire you:
Dreamgirls, Sparkle, Valley of the Dolls, Suddenly Last Summer, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?

Fave quote:
”Life for me is one-man GLEE episode, except I can’t sing so I lyp-synch the songs of my life”

Reading List:
Divided Soul, Dreamgirl: My life as a Supreme

One of your obsessions: Leopard print

My mentor is a fabulous FAG HAG. Her name is Kay Lawal. She taught me the foundation of performance art as I know it. She is well known on the east coast as one-half of the performance duo, Thunder Thigh Revue.

Fave queer Artist(s):
Ryan Murphy (creator of NIP/Tuck & GLEE) Andre Leon Talley, Vogue Editor-At-Large. Quincy LeNear and Deondray Gossett (creators of the DL Chronicles)

Fave queer from history: Bayard Rustin

Most Pivotal Performance/event/etc:
Opening night@ Hudson Theater Los Angeles of my one-man show FREEda Slave: Mask of a Diva

Fave performance experience:
Working with Joel Schumacher “the number 23”

Worst experience:
Having my scene cut from the film.

Most frightening performance experience:
Performing with a sinus infection and losing my voice on stage.

Places performed:
Maryland Art Place
Center Stage
Baltimore Artscape
Hudson Backstage Theater
Occidental College
Arena Players
Eubie Blake Cultural Center
Highways Performance Arts Space
And every back alley stage I can find along the way

The Maryland State Arts Council recognized his one-man show, FREEda Slave: Mask of a Diva, which addressed issues of cross-dressing and intra-discrimination in the gay community. He has hosted and performed spoken word at various gay prides across the country. His short film, The Panty Man screened in Amsterdam.
Dale received an Audre Lorde Scholarship in 2006 and his BA from Antioch University in 2008 and Master of Arts in Education & Leadership in 2010. Dale was part of a panel of gay entertainers for the National Black Justice Collation “Power of Us” Conference in 2008. He presented the topic of sexuality at the Maryland Annual Suicide Prevention Conference in 2010. His handmade African-inspired cloth dolls exhibited in 28th annual Black Doll Show “I've Got a Story to Tell” at the William Grant Still Center.

What do you (does your art) stand for:
My art integrates multi-media, pop-culture, old school music while using social commentary to push gender boundaries in a social interactive environment.

Fave prop or costume:
My black stretch lace gown.

Thoughts on the LA queer art scene:
I have been in Los Angeles for 10 years. It has taken that long to get the LA queer scene to notice me. Now I am just happy to be included!

What is your Vision for the Queer Future:
My vision is Queer will come in vogue

What do you see as the future for queer art:
I see Queer Art as the art people will begin to treasure and hold valuable

What are your upcoming plans/shows/events:
I am the Literary Chair of this year’s Los Angeles Black Gay Pride. I am hosting a night of erotic spoken word called:
Sunday July 3,2011 5PM

My new show:
MY Life in 3 Easy Payments

Will debut at :
BEHOLD: Highways’ LGBTQ Performance Festival Friday, August 5th
Sample of Work:

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  1. so proud to be a part of today's LGBTQ performance arts community. One day little queer kids will look back on this and call us trail blazers. We will laugh and respond, "honey chile, we were just doing what we loved and made us happy!"