Friday, March 25, 2011


1st century CE

Looking for new sexual inspiration? There is an ancient cup that has a couple suggestions. The Warren Cup is a decorated silver drinking goblet depicting two different homosexual love scenes that functioned as a conversation piece for banquets in ancient roman times.
On one side of the cup the “bottom” is sitting on the “top’s” lap facing away from him and holding a rope that has been strung up over the bed for support.
A very clever idea, but they are not alone in their pleasure, if you look there is a naughty little slave boy peeping on them and smiling from behind the door.
The other side shows a somewhat unusual “advanced class” sideways position that looks worth trying out.
Crafted some time at the turn of the 1st century between 15 BC to 15 AD, the Warren Cup is one of the lucky roman artifacts depicting gay sex that has survived thousands of years of homophobia and Christian oppression.

Object details:
Height: 11 cm
Width: 9.9 cm (max.)
Depth: 11 cm

The cup is named after an American art collector E.P. Warren (1861-1928) who lived in England and acquired the cup shortly after it was discovered.

Warren chose to live in England where he felt freer. For he was, as he put it, "yearning for the renewal of Greek life and on the look out for affections - real affections - between my own sex".

He published a collection of his own gay love poetry as well as an essay entitled "In Defense of Uranian Love".

It wasn’t until 1999 that The British Museum finally purchased the cup for US$2.7 million.
Before that no official institution could handle the hot homo love. It was even refused entry into the USA at customs in 1950.

Personally I would love a reproduction dish set with gay sex prints and designs like The Warren Cup. I mean why use a boring old plain cup when you can have one decorated with hot gay love! It would make everything taste better. I feel it is time to sexually liberate our dishes and ourselves!

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