Thursday, February 24, 2011

Statement of purpose for Get More Gay Blog


My name is Ian MacKinnon and I am a gay centered performance artist living in Los Angeles.

Thanks for checking out my blog project "GET MORE GAY".

I will be posting on gay stuff that crosses my path including indulging my gay history fetish by reporting my research on gay greats who turn me on, plus a "Queer Artist Centerfold Project" to keep an eye on current queer art culture in LA, and I'll share the thoughts, struggles, and inspirations that come up for me around my deepening pursuit to understand what it means to be and become "authentically gay".

I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Your idea to the California State Senate's ears:
    California Schools May Be Required to Teach Gay History!5792228/california-schools-may-be-required-to-teach-gay-history